Part 4: Reflecting on Core Texts

Students and faculty at AMS are expected to read  one of two books: Fatal Invention (first-year students and faculty) or How to Be an Antiracist (second-year students and faculty). 

Within Doctoring, our hope is that faculty from the respective years will read the entire text. However, we have highlighted critical chapters for you to read that will enable you to engage in a discussion with your students in small group. Throughout the year we will incorporate aspects of the book into our faculty and student guides. 


1. Both books are available online at the Brown Library which you have free access to using your BrownID. 

2. As you read the books, consider how they:

  • informs your views as an educator committed to teaching and practicing antiracist principles
  • expands, challenges or reframes what you have learned in Centering Antiracism

3. Although we hope you will be able to read the entire text, please consider the following chapters as mandatory:

First-Year Faculty:

 Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics and Big Business Re-Create Race in the Twenty-First Century Links to an external site.

  • Chapter 1, The Invention of Race
  • Chapter 4, Medical Stereotyping
  • Chapter 6, Embodying Race

Second-Year Faculty:

How to Be an Antiracist Links to an external site.

  • Chapter 1, Definitions
  • Chapter 2, Dueling Consciousness 
  • Chapter 8, Behavior
  • Chapter 9, Color
  • Chapter 17, Success 
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