The Warren Alpert Medical School Office of Continuing Medical Education (Brown CME) supports the professional development of our faculty, staff and local, national and international healthcare providers with the goal of improving their competence, performance, or patient outcomes within the communities they serve.  

The Brown CME program provides education in a broad range of clinical disciplines, addresses local and national public health priorities, promotes interdisciplinary education and practice, and supports our faculty in their role as educators in the classroom and at the bedside. Our engagement in strategic collaborations with multiple stakeholders, including faculty and affiliated hospital systems, the Rhode Island Department of Health, Rhode Island Medical Society, and many other local/national healthcare agencies, help us to stay abreast of local and global healthcare issues.

Educational activities are founded on practice gaps and needs of our audience and are designed to deliver current, relevant, evidence-based and unbiased content. Various teaching / learning formats are used to achieve the highest level of learning retention and improvement of our audience. Tools used to assess changes in our learners’ competence or performance and patient or public health outcomes include immediate post-activity evaluations, 2-6 month follow-up outcomes surveys, case based assessments, and informal feedback. Brown CME conducts an extensive review of its evaluation questions and process yearly in an effort to glean the most significant information needed to best assess our activities and overall program mission.


If you are interested in partnering with Brown CME to sponsor a CME-certified activity, please call our office at (401) 863-2871 or email our office at The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education requires that our office be involved in the initial planning stages of any CME activity. In addition to CME accreditation, we can assist with the process for obtaining accreditations for other healthcare professionals.

To ensure adequate time for CME and CE accreditation, planning, marketing, and oversight, we ask that you contact us no less than 120 days prior to a live activity date. For activities that have the potential for commercial grants or exhibits, a longer lead time may be necessary.