7:30–8:30 amRegistration, Breakfast, & Visit Exhibits

8:30–8:45 am




Opening Remarks & Introductions

Annette Bourbonniere, MS  

Claudia A. Wheeler, DO  

Sarah E. Skeels, MPH

8:45–9:00 amDisability Experience Demonstration

9:00–10:00 am






The Need for Change in Accessibility 

Panel Chair: Claudia Wheeler, DO


  • Thomas A. Bledsoe, MD, FACP    
  • Steven A. Florio, MS, GCNPM    
  • Monica Nazareth-Dzialo, MEd, CRC    
  • Sarah E. Skeels, MPH
10:00–10:30 amSmall Group Discussions
10:30–11:15 amDemonstrations and Visit Exhibits

11:15–11:45 am



Keynote Presentation: Health Care Disparities and

Barriers to Access for Persons with Disability

Lisa I. Iezzoni, MD, MSc

11:45–12:45 pmLunch
12:45-1:30 pmDemonstrations

1:30–2:30 pm





Solutions: How Can Health Care Be More Accessible

Panel Chair: Sarah E. Skeels, MPH


  • Sue Ferranti, DO, FCCP, FACOI
  • Rashmi S. Licht, MD
  • Claudia A. Wheeler, DO
2:30-3:00 pmDiscussions
3:00–3:30 pmWrap-Up & Debriefing