04.14.21 Evaluation
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Thank you for recently attending the Educational Faculty Development 2020-2021 Series. We kindly ask that you complete this evaluation. Your evaluation and comments are helpful to us for planning future conferences.
In order to receive APA credit please fill in your name here:
ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoor
How would you rate this educational activity overall?
How relevant to your needs was the information presented?
How clear was the material presented?
How well were questions answered?
How well were the Learning Objectives of this activity met? At the conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:
ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoor
Identify resources for support during litigation;
List reasons why litigation is psychologically difficult for many physicians;
Describe the sequence of events in civil litigation
To what extent has your knowledge and skills improved in the following competency areas as a result of this activity?
Extreme ImprovementMuch ImprovementSomewhat ImprovementVery Little ImprovementNo Improvement
Patient Care
Medical Knowledge
Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
Systems-Based Practice
What is the most important thing you learned by attending this activity and how will it affect your teaching abilities?
Will your participation in this activity have an impact on your practice of medicine, leadership performance, your research, or teaching abilities?
Please explain your response to the above question.
What barriers, if any, do you anticipate encountering as you make changes in your practice behavior?
Very WellWellAverageDisappointingPoor
Speaker demonstrated interest and enthusiasm for teaching
Speaker communicated materials effectively
Questions were answered to your satisfaction
Please provide any comments you have for our speaker.
We would like to invite your ideas for future Educational Faculty Development programs and speakers. What is the top theme you would like to see addressed at a professional development program/conference for faculty, house officers and trainees?
Who would you like to see as a keynote speaker/workshop presenter at an Educational Faculty Development program?